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Just Multiplayer

Overall, I love this game. With fast-paced action and humor Death Road to Canada is the perfect game for me. It gets hard at times (I actually haven’t beat it) but it’s still really great! There’s one thing that could make it even better: Local multiplayer. There would be a few problems with that but it would still make it even more fun. Thanks for creating such a great game!

I’m not sure if the author reads these....

But anyway this game is SO GREAT!!! There is time that I’ll quit playing it for a while, but then I come right back to it. There’s just a few ideas that I thought you should do. It would be awesome is once you got to Canada, you got a house there and you could customize it and all of the people that you’ve gotten to Canada will be in there. I just thought of that and thought Wow that would be freaking awesome!

Best $16 Dollars I’ve Ever Spent!!!

This game truly lives up to its value!!! You will spend TONS of HOURS playing this wonderful game! I highly suggest you support RocketCat games and try this game out!!! ✌️😄👍

Meh. Much ado, didn't do much for me.

Don't really enjoy the main fighting game mechanic. It's just not that fun to kill sombies in this game. I saw basically no progress over many attempts to learn and enjoy the game. My characters never progressed. Playing wasn't fun. The so called humor everyone raves about... i guess the bar is pretty low for video game and app humor. Not worth what i overpaid bevause the game is overrated and overhyped. They did do a good job on the visual style. Would have been fun to explore if the rest of the game wasn't such a drag.

I only have one question

When will the next update come out it’s been a while sense a update?

Just take a read and consider this plz

Ok I finally beat the game and have gnomey all the way upgraded so it’s fun and all but I really want an ENDLESS MODE WERE YOU CAN JUST FIGHT IN A RANDOMLY GENERATED AREA FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN WITH RANDOMLY GENERATED CHARACTERS appearing every so often Please give us this if your not going to invest in a multiplayer it’s only fair brodie also it’s a way cheaper route than the online crud

Fun game!

Amazing game! Every time I play it’s even more fun! I only wish there was more items for character customization such as more clothes.

I was pleasantly surprised

This game has multiple modes, unlimited rando character builds, and most importantly, it’s the definition of “easy to play, hard to master”. Worth EVERY DOLLAR.




I would first off like to say I love and enjoy this game however, I got a new phone and was sad to see all my progress was gone after I had grinded out all of the things you could get with zombo points, and all of my created characters, If there is anyway to get an old account back I would be delighted if you could help me.

A good time taking game also rage enthusing

Title and rating explain my liking of this game buy and beat it and I’ll think you are a god

Ideas, my dinguses!

So, this game is awesome. It's one of my favorite games. I have a few ideas that I hope you guys will think about putting in the game. 1. This one is kinda obscure but, custom descriptions/encounter texts for custom characters. What I mean is for an example: Gordo's encounter text is: ........ -- Gordo 2. This ones really obscure but hilarious at the same time: beaver sword... you may be thinking: what does that mean? Well when the Canada day event was going on, I got the event where you can choose between three cursed weapons. The flashing text weapon was a sword. And you guys know the deal with the flashing text items and how you can't take it off of the character you gave it to and it's stuck to that character too. Well, thinking it would be an upgrade to the beaver, I gave it to him. It didn't work out that way but instead made it so the beaver could not attack and it was stuck on the top of the beaver. It was hilarious. (Sorry if this is to long) 3. Now, you guys already have a ton of cool characters but I have some more ideas for more characters. Vinesauce Vinny, Peanutbuttergamer, and Spacehamster. The reason why I think these guys would be good characters is that they all play the game. I suggest watching their videos and streams to see what kind of personalities they would have in the game. Also how about making a rocket cat as a character as well. Those are my ideas. I love the game. :)

Best Game Ever

This is one of my favorite games of all time. If you enjoy Oregon Trail get it. If you like Zombies or Survival games get it. If you just like to laugh, GET IT! It has a lot of depth with an actual sense of suspense and tension and with cool looking pixel graphics it is a must have. Also if you ever find Giga Guy, play as him he’s OP.


When are you going to put online-multiplayer ??

Love it

I have played this game for awhile and it’s been so much fun I hope you guys make it for new versions of updates it’s just been so good keep it up rocket cat

Good game but

It’s a great game, but honestly kinda unbalanced

Would be 4 stars if it didn’t crash...

So I’ve been enjoying DR2C both on steam as well as mobile, and the only reason I am rating this in the App Store as two stars is because it. Crashes. Every. Time. I. Get. To. The. End. Every mission, every save slot I have works just fine until the final battle, ESPECIALLY extreme mode, when there’s more zombies and therefore more rendering of the app that force closes my game and my progress as a result 😢 So much for getting to Canada now 🇨🇦

Blown Away

Death Road to Canada is funny, replayable, enjoyable gameplay, and has relatively smooth controls. Everything from the ABL events to mowing down waves of undead with the minigun, this game and its developers are a gift that keep giving. I would like to see more ways to play after beating KEPA Mode, like merging different game modes to make familiar marathon mode or rare KEPA mode. Some things to note however, crashing is very prominant and the audio buzzes when exiting the app, besides these few bugs DR2C is a pleasant (and fairly difficult) game that is worth picking up.

Best of the best

First of all the controls are great, very responsive and I feel like I have a good grip when controlling movements and attacking, next off the humor is on point and always stays to the silly theme of the game, everything about the game is great from trader camps made up of renaissance fair dwellers to progressive trait/perk upgrades and unlocks the more I play the more I feel I’m constantly getting better. However there is one minor issue I have, I’ve played over 200 hours in this game unlocking nearly everything except for a few “uncks”, Soon after that I get a new phone and decide to download the app again and I found there is no way for me to transfer my game data even with the same game center and apple login, I would absolutely LOVE if you guys could come up with a simply data transfer method, other than that great game 5/5 would recommend to anyone who is after a challenge

Scratch that Oregon Trail itch!

This game does that and so much more.

Best game I ever played! Just a suggestion

Honestly, this game is the best I’ve ever played and I cant stop playing it! It’s hilarious, interesting, fun, and addicting! I just suggest a multiplayer mode so people can play with each other and it makes it easier and more enjoyable as we get to see more teamwork. It’s already easy as it is sort of, but it will be fun with multiplayer.

More languages

Great game play, please add more languages!

Great Game!

Me and my brother enjoyed playing this game! I’m just wondering, could you make this game co op? Thanks!

Best game I’ve played

I’ve had the game for a year now, and it’s awesome. It’s hilarious, fun, and over all a good game. I have some ideas that you might put in. My first idea is being able to make a customized character dog. This would be a fun feature so you could add your pets from real life. Another idea I had was multiplayer. This could function just like the buddies. But when deciding on places to go, you would have to select the same one or it’s random . My final idea was add a different type of story. Instead of on land it could be by water or something, idk really just thought that’d be cool. Thanks for the awesome game!!

Rescue Missions

Every time I find the survivor and I’m about to open the last door to an unexplored room, the game crashes

Still Good

I stopped playing it after a while, and later on I started playing it, again. It brought back so many fun memories. Though, I wish that it had more customization options for your characters appearance. Like uniforms of police officers, marines, salesman, cashiers, etc. Other than the little lack of customization for character appearance, it is still an amazing game.

Don’t purchase this one

So, I realize that games need to be challenging in order to be engaging, but come on! 11 consecutive loses! The goal is to get to Canada, but not once have I made it even remotely close. It’s fun and whimsical for the first few “road trips” but after suffering defeat after defeat it gets stale very quickly. I just kept seeing the same stops/places, the same text, the same people. Tried making different decisions, or raiding places more cautiously, only to be served the game over screen time and time again. For free, download it. Hell, even for $5.99, I’d still say maybe give it a try. But, for $12.99! You should pass. I read reviews and was intrigued. I saw the price and still tried it. I regret it. I’m sure other gamers will just say “git gud” but you shouldn’t purchase something this frustrating.

Wonderful game that needs to stop crashing

Like I said, the game is great. When I first bought it, I never had any problems, but for the last few weeks it has been routinely crashing and making it difficult to play. If they fix the crashes, this will go up to an easy 5-stars.



Crashes a lot

I love DRTC, I even have the computer version and have almost beat every mode. I just recently bought it for the phone cuz it's such a good time killer. But the only problem I've had so far with the phone version is if you pick a supply stop that's in bold red ( rescue mission, overpopulated area like " swarmed super market " ) it will crash after being on the stage after about 2 minutes. I've tried closing the app and going back again, but it still crashes. Not being able to get supply's from these places without the game crashing can really mess up your gameplay and reduce the chance of your survival, it makes it almost impossible to get passed day 6 due to lack of advanced weapons. You basically have to hope that someone at a trade camp has something special through out the whole game due to the crashes. This games awesome, but this crashing thing is really taking its toll- at least for me.

More polished Organ Trail

I love this game. The multitude of random events and the customizable characters gives the game an almost infinite replay value. A steady stream of updates adding new content can make this game truly have an infinite replay value. These updates can include new cars, more character options, more weapons, more locations, more randomness, and possibly the ability to pick up body armor from police stations or even S.W.A.T. trucks. I like the idea of different zombie models according to location and really feel that could add a lot to the game in certain locations. One main criticism I have is the short length of the trip....a longer trip or a “survive for as long as possible mode would make things even more interesting”. All and made an amazing game and I hope to see more from it in the future.

Heck yeah brother

Best game ever. I like to play it while I am on the toilet HAHAHA

Fantastic game that keeps crashing

Latest update has it crashing on my phone regularly. I tried playing the Danger Rangers event several times but had to give up. However, it’s happening on several other levels as well. Nonetheless, the game is a blast and endlessly replayable.

Great game, feature needed

It is a really great game that I have played for over a year, however it needs some form of multiplayer.


This game is amazing but way too difficult. I’ve been playing since March and I have yet to win. I’ve tried many different strategies and have made it to one day away from Canada several times, but there is always some obstacle in the way. It is extremely discouraging and frustrating considering I have to beat this mode in order to unlock the others. I would have given five stars if it wasn’t for the fact that the game is so hard.

Keeps force closing!!

Hello, fantastic and I really do mean FANTASTIC game! I seriously don’t know why I waited so long to buy it. Problem is the game will keep force closing on me in the middle of looting areas and it always happens when I have spent a good portion of time gathering up all the loot. It’s absolutely frustrating, the game is hard enough without having to restart a loot session I was just about to finish. I’m running it on an iPhone X and it looks beautiful but please for the love of throwing boots, fix this force close issue! Happy hunting!


It’s great but it keeps randomly crashing now with the latest update on an iPad Pro 1st gen.

Please add iCloud support and fix Force crash bug!

Please add iCloud support! BUG REPORT: Ever since femur update, every time I try to open a door on the top of the screen, the game crashes by force closing and I lose all of my progress in the scenario; please fix! Awesome game, best zombie game on App Store! Please keep the updates coming!


It is an almost perfect game it just needs to be a local multiplayer thing to be perfect

RocketCat is the best.

You know what I would love? SUPER QUICK HOOK 2! Super Quick Hook still holds the #1 spot in my book, but I love Death Road! Thank you RocketCat!

Fantastic Title!

I’m still waiting on: An Apple TV version, And iCloud support.

Great, but...

The game keeps crashing, and it gets pretty annoying because it won’t save my progress

Well worth the $12, only thing...

This game is so fun (and ridiculously hard)! I haven’t finished the normal mode yet because of all the dang swarms!!! Thank you developers for all the content updates, the only thing that would make the game perfect is local multiplayer. My friend also has this game and we have made characters for each other but it would be awesome if we can both play in the same game together. Keep up the great work👍

Love it !!!!

This game is awesome, please don’t abandon the game keep making updates to make this awesome game even better!!! Multiplayer mode, more weapons , more customizable items for your characters and make special characters like besides just humans , be able to make pets too I have pets I would love to put my pet dog and cat in the game by my side. more events and scenarios in the trip to Canada to freshen things up even more , more locations to visit , more perks and traits, basically more of everything, was worth the money just want more options to keep things fresh please


I got this game 3 days ago and I love it, I’ve already beat the game, TWICE, and there is nothing about it I don’t love. There are two improvements that could be made tho, and that’s multiplayer and making the AI loot more. I think it would be cool to connect with Bluetooth or connect to the same WiFi to play together and the AI would help you loot faster. It would add so much fun to the game and I think is would make it a bit more popular. All in all this is a great game, and all it needs is multiplayer and better AI. Thanks for reading.

Please fix controls

Well the controls are fine, I love the gameplay but can you please make more settings to move and adjust the on screen controls that would be the dream of my life.

Needs Local or online multiplayer I don’t care any is fine

It doesn’t necessarily need, it’s already super fun but would be godly with online or local coop

Pricey Edit: AMAZING!

The game is amazing but the game itself should be $5 at the most. It’s great and all, but I kind of feel like after paying $12 dollars for this game, it wasn’t worth it. The witness is a game on the App Store for $10 dollars and that was AMAZING. but this was even more money than the witness, and it wasn’t as good. I don’t know. I just think that you should bring down the price. Otherwise, great game, and keep making more! ************ Edit: At first I thought it was a waste of money. But after playing it for 20 minutes or so this became my favorite game!

Love it so much

It really is an amazing game. Favorite game on phone by many miles. Beats a couple computer games (I have 50+ games in steam library with over 6000 hours total. 35 of them are AAA titles) and I can say this game is great. If you guys put in donating dlc I’ll be there. Never made the ZP buyable or you will break the game.

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