Death Road to Canada App Reviews

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It’s great but it keeps randomly crashing now with the latest update on an iPad Pro 1st gen.

Please add iCloud support and fix Force crash bug!

Please add iCloud support! BUG REPORT: Ever since femur update, every time I try to open a door on the top of the screen, the game crashes by force closing and I lose all of my progress in the scenario; please fix! Awesome game, best zombie game on App Store! Please keep the updates coming!


It is an almost perfect game it just needs to be a local multiplayer thing to be perfect

RocketCat is the best.

You know what I would love? SUPER QUICK HOOK 2! Super Quick Hook still holds the #1 spot in my book, but I love Death Road! Thank you RocketCat!

Fantastic Title!

I’m still waiting on: An Apple TV version, And iCloud support.

Great, but...

The game keeps crashing, and it gets pretty annoying because it won’t save my progress

More Please!!!

I’ve had a blast playing despite me never reaching Canada... no spoilers! If you could, may you add DLCs like sailing a boat to another continent while dealing with zombie infested boats for supplies or breaking into secret military controlled labs for a high risk high reward mission or even the inclusion of boss zombies!!! No need to take this seriously though, it’s just a request. I look forward to seeing how great this game can get!

Well worth the $12, only thing...

This game is so fun (and ridiculously hard)! I haven’t finished the normal mode yet because of all the dang swarms!!! Thank you developers for all the content updates, the only thing that would make the game perfect is local multiplayer. My friend also has this game and we have made characters for each other but it would be awesome if we can both play in the same game together. Keep up the great work👍

Love it !!!!

This game is awesome, please don’t abandon the game keep making updates to make this awesome game even better!!! Multiplayer mode, more weapons , more customizable items for your characters and make special characters like besides just humans , be able to make pets too I have pets I would love to put my pet dog and cat in the game by my side. more events and scenarios in the trip to Canada to freshen things up even more , more locations to visit , more perks and traits, basically more of everything, was worth the money just want more options to keep things fresh please


I got this game 3 days ago and I love it, I’ve already beat the game, TWICE, and there is nothing about it I don’t love. There are two improvements that could be made tho, and that’s multiplayer and making the AI loot more. I think it would be cool to connect with Bluetooth or connect to the same WiFi to play together and the AI would help you loot faster. It would add so much fun to the game and I think is would make it a bit more popular. All in all this is a great game, and all it needs is multiplayer and better AI. Thanks for reading.

Please fix controls

Well the controls are fine, I love the gameplay but can you please make more settings to move and adjust the on screen controls that would be the dream of my life.

Needs Local or online multiplayer I don’t care any is fine

It doesn’t necessarily need, it’s already super fun but would be godly with online or local coop

Pricey Edit: AMAZING!

The game is amazing but the game itself should be $5 at the most. It’s great and all, but I kind of feel like after paying $12 dollars for this game, it wasn’t worth it. The witness is a game on the App Store for $10 dollars and that was AMAZING. but this was even more money than the witness, and it wasn’t as good. I don’t know. I just think that you should bring down the price. Otherwise, great game, and keep making more! ************ Edit: At first I thought it was a waste of money. But after playing it for 20 minutes or so this became my favorite game!

Love it so much

It really is an amazing game. Favorite game on phone by many miles. Beats a couple computer games (I have 50+ games in steam library with over 6000 hours total. 35 of them are AAA titles) and I can say this game is great. If you guys put in donating dlc I’ll be there. Never made the ZP buyable or you will break the game.

Difficult controls on mobile

This game is cool looking and feeling, but it is really difficult. Mainly the controls at least. The controls make moving around very hard. And anytime zombies horde around you, you can kiss your game goodbye. Also the game is very hard to understand in the beginning. Unless you have lots of time on your hands to get used to the controls then I don’t suggest this game on mobile. However the game is great on pc. THE CONTROLS ARE THE PROBLEM BTW NOT THE GAME!

Best game,but suggestions

This game is the best. It has plot, action and fun characters. But I have suggestions. 1. The ability to make walking dogs. Put it in the gender option or something. 2. I got a suggestion for a class! Lumberjack Likes chainsaws and killing zombies. TIIMMMBBEEERRR!!! +starts with chainsaw -chainsaw cannot be dropped, even in death. +high strength and fitness. - low wits and boring personality

This game is awesome

This is the better organ trail I love it but there is one problem. When I bought this game On pc you can play with other people. I had the same idea when I bought this version but I cannot play with my brother. It would be awesome if you guys can make an online match maker. In other words this game is amazing


Best phone game available to date. Excited to see how this grows through updates (which have been frequent and enjoyable). Also eager to see other games from the developer.


So good. Worth the wait.

Worth a buy.

This game is probably the most underrated game i ever seen, it has a high level of both accoplishing the game it self, and of course finding rare characters. The humor is good and made me laugh a few or so often times, and it had A HUGE AMOUNT OF CONTENT. This is what keeps me coming back to play it, so, if you have the money, and capacity. Go for it.

Best Mobile App!

The games controls are sometimes wonky, but it's really fun. The random encounters make the game replay able for a long time due to the game having so much of them. I've been addicted and played it for hours on end until I reach Canada! Edit: PLEASE ADD MULTIPLAYER, AND NOT JUST THE WIFI KIND! DO THIS AND YOUL BE THE BEST APP ON PHONE!!

I love the game

I love this game and how you’re listening to recommendations, and I thought I’d just add one, can you pleeeease put Alpacas in the game pretty pleeeeease?❤️

**NEW RARE CHARACTER** - Cyril the Adventurer.

New Rare Character: Cyril the Adventurer. Tag line: Cyril got tired of waiting for the “Paladin Update”. New Rare Event: The Paladin Update

Developers, this may help

I know that everyone wants different, easier to maneuver controls, and here’s an idea for you Have you considered using the controls from Wayward Souls, but more fluid? That might satisfy some disgruntled players. I also have some ideas for new locations and weapons: Public Pool: An outdoor area with a pool, bathrooms, and locker rooms where you can find weapons like foam pool noodles and pool chemicals to throw at zombies Park: Expansive area with benches and playgrounds, and a restroom. It contains various weapons like purses and tree branches. Adding rare night vision goggles would be really cool. Also please change the name ‘tree branch’ to ‘stick’ because it sounds funnier. Really amazing game overall, got it the second I saw the name Rocketcat on the app. I hope you take my ideas into consideration in the next update, thank you. GOODBYE NOW, DON’T BE A DINK.

Hurry up and buy it you Dinks

“I AM NOT A DINK!!!” Nuff said. You haven’t lived until you are walking along a road and someone screeches by you in a car screaming “NEEEEEERDS!” Made it to the Canadian border? Dive out of your vehicle before it stops and you’ll be in for a surprise. Made it to the “end”? Your world is gonna be turned upside down... Don’t turn around.

Great game, but multiplayer?

Love this game. Controls are a little sketchy, but okay. If there was multiplayer it would be nice, but otherwise an amazing game. More rare characters and cars would be nice, like a car called Cario, (based off Mario) a rare character named The Beatable Chipmunk Girl, (the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) or others. BUY IT IF YOU ARE SKEPTICAL. It’s the best. Also: Anime isn’t real, sorry!

Crashes in Haunted Mansion!

Great game, usually not buggy at all but for some reason I can’t clear the haunted mansion without it crashing at some point when going through an interior door.

Blown Away

Death Road to Canada is funny, replayable, enjoyable gameplay, and has relatively smooth controls. Everything from the ABL events to mowing down waves of undead with the minigun, this game and its developers are a gift that keep giving. Somethings to note however, crashing is very prominant and the audio buzzes when exiting the app, besides these few bugs DR2C is a pleasant (and very difficult) game that is worth picking up.

Needs improvement!

This is a really great game, but I feel like the standard death road trip is too hard. And what makes it worse is that I can’t play the “short road to heck” mode (a shorter, more casual trip) until I beat the near impossible standard trip. However, I trust that the developers are working on all the problems of the game, so I do recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a great game with very high replay value.

Pay the 12$

So I got this game for 9.99$, and I am a HUGE fan of the game, I play it almost all the time. The characters are funny, the gameplay is great, and the music is 😍 AMAZING 😍 Devs, all we need is local multiplayer w/ WiFi OR take it to PlayStation and Xbox because this is like buying a console game for all of the content you get for it. Definitely recommend, hats off to the Devs, and remember, PLEASE ADD MULTIPLAYER

Almost realistic!

This game is amazing. I just love the fact that you can make custom characters and add them to your team gradually. This is probably my favorite iOS game of ALL time. But, is a little expensive. I love it anyway and it is a great game, but maybe you could “COOL IT” on the price. Heh heh. You would get that if you played the game.

The price tag is worth it

It really is worth what it costs. Very fleshed out, very replayable, very pretty, difficult but fair, good soundtrack, the works. This game will give you hours of play!!!! Definitely a favorite


I constantly find new stuff in this already amazingly great game I need more everything! Moar game modes moar characters maybe unlockable custom character parts moar reference 😂thanks having a blast, this game offers so much❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦

Can’t move at all!

I’ve tried the tutorial, the controls, everything! The movement Is beyond non-responsive. The price of this game is exorbitant for something that I can’t even use. After reading the reviews, beyond disappointing.


Alright this game is pretty much Organ trail lovers galore it’s so much more in depth so much more humor so many scenarios and no IAP yes it’s a decent bit of money but it’s supper fun BUY IT NOW


Easily my best financial decision on the App Store. This game is just filled with content, a great premise, and pixel art style to satisfy my every dream. Love it. You wanna know how I’ll love it more? Multiplayer. Maybe even Xbox if this gets to a bigger game. Like on Xbox you could easily connect with other people, and maybe it could be where you could request to join your friends journey. Then it will be like in familiar characters when one of your customs are on the side of the rode. They accept your request, boot off some other guy, and boom. Would love this game as multiplayer, but without it, this game is still great!

Good game with flaws (updated)

I agree this is a good game, but all of the reviews are either old (so it was cheaper) or don’t take into any consideration the price. The game is good but flawed, and nowhere near worth the cost. It’s a typical zombie apocalypse game; it’s only special because of its humor and amount of content. Each game is randomized, giving it high replay ability. However, the game gives you no sense of progress. Randomization means your strategizing is limited. The permanent upgrades don’t help in the least, giving more ways to play instead of making it easier; there is no easy mode. It feels like winning is something achievable only by luck. Still, it’s a good game. For all its flaws, it delivers on what it claims to. However, there are games out there that are far better and have just as much replay ability, for far less money. If this game were $4.99, I would give it five stars. $12? More? No way. It is the first game I have purchased above $4.99 and will be the last. Sadly, the game can not be refunded. Oh well. Update 1/22/18: after 43 losses, I finally won the game. I have increased my score by one star, because that proves this game is winnable. It also proves that it’s addicting. 44 games is a lot of time. Arguably, buying the game forced me to have abstinence of buying games (which still continues) for a long time, which forced me to keep playing this one. Still not worth $12, but I would have payed $7-$8 back when it released and thought it a good deal. Maybe.

Very fun. Movement tho is Ahhhhhhhrrrrgg

It is not easy to escape when i constantly had to swipe my thumb to move me character in the direction I want my character to go. A joystick option is not a bad I idea so I can keep my thumb in one place to stay moving. I swipe and swipe and my character runs then stops then I swipe again and character runs then stops. I just want to keep my thumb on the dang screen ahhhhhhh! I can’t beat these jerk Zombies because I keep swiping into them ahhhhhhh I don’t mean to do it. Hahaha. Super fun game. I made all my friends and they help me. Has anyone made it to Canada yet by swiping. My thumbs must be too big. Sigh


•Endless siege of zombies game mode. A player (or up to 4) fight endless rounds of zombies. Each round zombies get harder to beat. •Have a crafting system. Players can make different weapons or modify there weapons. •Make boss levels. Have giant zombies or some random zombie that would be considered a boss. •Running. Obliviously •Infection. Players team mates can get infection from zombies and are forced to be kicked off the team. •MULTIPLAYER would make this game a whole lot better.


I absolutely love this game, every time you start a new game their are new characters and different choices you can make. The only thing that would make this game better is multiplayer so you can play co-op with your friends or maybe even a challenge mode to see who can get to Canada faster. Overall great game but multiplayer would make it sooooooo much better.


This game is wonderful in all but one aspect. Difficulty. This game even on the easiest difficulty is very challenging. I found myself playing 3 games in a row and I died in many different ways like getting eaten by zombies because of my weapon breaking to all my people starving. Otherwise this is a wonderful game.

Sorry, deleted, worth the money

After 0 and 68, I'm done. One text event killed one last character and my other 3 were killed by the next, 2 days from Canada. There's just a well-meaning sadism that operates in real time and after countless app crashes near doors, unimaginable hordes and horde-panicked AI, so long and thanks, sincerely. Tremendously fun time-waster but it's time to grow up and focus on a more dedicated career.

The Oregon Trail meets: Zombies?

(Before judging my review, read thoroughly) Had you pitched me that idea, I’d say it’s not all that original... the concept of a zombie survival game is nothing new, copy and pasting the “Zompacalypse” theme over Oregon Trail’s survival mechanics and concepts seems simple and effective enough. However, the Death Road to Canada is not in any regard a copy and paste. There are many Oregon Trail clones and this is assuredly NOT one of them. In this game, regardless of how goofy and obnoxiously unpredictable the world can be— The core of the game’s survival mechanics stay realistic enough to the point where it’s not just goofy: It’s genuinely strategic and challenging. For those contemplating buying this game, let me break it down for you... This game is the AppStore’s most underrated sandwich. The Oregon Trail esc strategy is just the bread, Then layered on top of that you have the 2D action shooter which is OH SO satisfying. (a 2D action shooter has satisfying combat mechanics? ->YES.) The action is the meat. The cheese gives the sandwich a majority of it’s flavor, in this case the cheese is the art style and humor. The mayo you ask? The core zombie apocalypse survival mechanics. I’m talking about exploring randomly generated worlds that are never the same— I’m talking about extremely well balanced item drop tables that makes it feel so rewarding to find new weapons and secrets which pushes you to explore new things— despite the not-always-so-obvious but always inherent risk of doing something you haven’t done yet in the game. The mayo is like the icing on top, it’s what blends every component together, and it’s what encourages you to take another bite again and again and again. I’ve been an avid iPhone gamer since I got my first iPod Touch in the eighth grade, and even though now that I’m in college I don’t play video games nearly as much as I used to, this game is the first ever iPhone game I’ve played which feels truly polished and truly exciting. I’m writing this review, and I haven’t even made it to Canada yet! Seriously, I’ve been playing this game for a week and a half, obsessively, and I have yet to get past the 10th day. However, making it to the end of the road trip doesn’t really seem to matter. I would never want this game to be any easier or even have an easier difficulty setting. (Please don’t add a lowered difficulty) In my eyes this game has the perfect blend of difficulty, random luck, and strategy. You could do everything right and die on the 3rd day. You could play awful, but manage to run into a bunch of lucky looting events. In other words, the Death Road to Canada will either bombard you or bless you. (Usually bombard you) But you ALWAYS have a fighting chance if you play things intelligently. The difficulty is like dark souls, only it doesn’t always feel like the game is inherently trying to screw you over, and sometimes good things even happen to you! I give this game a genuine and hardy 9.75/10 Drawbacks: Controls can sometimes be frustrating, especially at first. There is a learning curve involved in getting used to the controls, but even when you do, sometimes you’ll be running down a long stretch of road trying to find a working vehicle because you’ve been walking for 3 days and stubbed your toe 6 times— you’ll have to run from an enormous number of zombies and trust me you will be fighting to keep your thumb on the left half of the screen the whole time. Adjusting my controls helped improve this issue, but not completely get rid of it. That is genuinely my ONLY gripe. I’m on iPhone X and the game hasn’t crashed for me even one time. This is a truly polished masterpiece. So much so that it demanded that I write my first iTunes app review. Mostly because I have this message that need to get to the developers: PLEASE. PLEASE MAKE MORE CONTENT. The content pool is already so extensive and has so much variety, but I literally cannot get enough. PLEASE— TAKE MY MONEY. Make an expansion pack!!! I would easily drop another 5-10 dollars on a full-feature expansion pack.

Price to high

Is it good? Yes. Is it $12 good? No.

Best pay once and play game.

I give this a five star rating easily by its play style, humor, and art. Nowadays apps and games that are paid involve in-app purchases to get anywhere in a game or it just takes you years to free way. They could have easily put payments into this but no, they did it the right way. The play style is pretty difficult to complete this game as the day by day supply runs and random occurrences makes a struggle to beat the game so easily. As with the pixelated graphics surprisingly make you feel submersed in the game in my opinion doesn’t happen a lot with pixelated games. I definitely recommend this as a must pay once and play game.



X, iOS 11.x

I could have paid $7 or $8, but vacillated for almost a year. Now the title (in accordance with their announced pricing model) has gone up to $12 and . . . I am happy to pay it! These are great devs who have continued to provide exemplary post-release support (think Steam-level post-release support) for this title and others (eg, Wayward Souls from 2014 has a sizable update in the pipeline per the devs). As for DRtC, I see elements of many titles, the most salient of which are Oregon Trail (which I played a couple of times in the ‘80s on what may have been a Tandy 1000) and FTL: Faster Than Light. Wit and humor abound in this wild romp for the northern border. Thanks, Rocketcat, for another AAA iOS experience and for elevating the platform.


On these game you have even more control then on your own life!!! The BEST GAME EVER!!!

This should be on the Nintendo switch

This needs to be a game on the Nintendo switch! With the controls and everything I mean it's perfect! Just add a few new things and port it to the switch

Love it but it’s extremely difficult

As soon as I got the game, I was immediately hooked. It was like playing Organ Trail except it was more in depth and action based. The controls are great, the events are hilarious, and the graphics are amazing. However, I cannot beat this, it’s way too hard.I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve been trying to win on normal mode, presumably the easiest, for hours on end. It really is frustrating and I wish I could play this game without worrying about me deleting it out of rage. Maybe if zombie hordes were smaller or there’s a bit more supplies to obtain during looting but right now, I’m lucky enough if I can get halfway through. I love it, but please, tone down the difficulty a bit.

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